Police confirm that two teens were busted at Malibu High School for possessing hydrocodone

By Ken Lee
November 04, 2009 03:05 PM

Sean Penn’s 16-year-old son, Hopper, was reportedly busted last week at Malibu High School in Southern Calif. for possession of drugs.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore would not confirm or deny to PEOPLE that the actor’s son was arrested, but when asked about any incidents on the school campus last week, Whitmore confirmed that two 16-year-olds boys were arrested in a case involving drugs believed to be hydrocodone, a painkiller.

“Last Friday, around 10 a.m., security personnel at Malibu High School were told that a 16-year-old male student had illegal prescription medication in his possession,” Whitmore said. “After contacting the student, he admitted to receiving the drug believed to by hydrocodone from another 16-year-old male student while off campus.”

“As a result of the school’s zero tolerance policy on drugs, they were turned over to sheriff’s deputies for arrest,” Whitmore said. One student was charged with possession of drugs, while the was other charged with possession of drugs for furnishing. Both are felonies.

Whitmore added that the kids and their parents planned to meet with detectives to determine how the case will be resolved.

However, the case may have already resolved. According to L.A. DA spokeswoman Jane Robison, “No charges will be filed because no case will be presented by police.”

A rep for Sean Penn wasn’t immediately available for comment.