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January 24, 2010 10:25 PM

Almost everyone in Hattiesburg, Miss., knows someone who says they have seen Tiger Woods, who is reportedly in town for sex rehab. But it’s hard to find anyone who will talk about actually seeing the golfer face-to-face.

There are paparazzi camped outside the Gentle Path sexual addiction rehab clinic – and rumors are running rampant through the tiny town, one alleging that Woods rented out a nearby golf course to play a round of golf and another claiming that he has rented a house for his family.

A barista at Starbucks swears she saw the golfer last week when a man wearing a hat, scarf and sunglasses came in and ordered a coffee to go. “I think it was him because he was just so covered up. He was really bundled up and it wasn’t even cold,” the source told PEOPLE.

And now, rumors are swirling that Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren has landed in town.

A clerk at the local Turtle Creek Mall swears Nordegren was shoe shopping there Wednesday afternoon. He claims that a blond woman wearing Nike sweats and giant sunglasses came into his shop accompanied by two large men who he guessed were bodyguards. When she pushed up her glasses, the clerk recognized her.

“I was like, ‘I know this lady,’ ” the clerk says. “I’ve seen her on TV.”
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The clerk noticed the woman’s diamond necklace, Coach bag, perfect manicure and the $100 bills she paid with. As soon as she left the store, he Googled pictures of Woods’s wife, and believes it was her. “If it wasn’t her, it was her twin. It looked exactly like her,” says the clerk.

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