June 02, 1998 12:00 AM

George W. Bush and his administration had a rude awakening upon moving into the White House, according to the Washington Post and other sources: hundreds of computer keyboards are missing the very essential “W” — as in “Dubya” — keys. One Bush aide told the Post that “there are dozens, if not hundreds, of keyboards with these missing keys. In some cases the “W” is marked out, but the most prevalent example is the key being removed.” The aide added that in some cases the keys have been taped on top of 12-foot-tall doorways. Though no one’s taken responsibility for the keyboard caper, the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), a nonprofit group dedicated to eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse in government, was quick to point the finger at the Clinton Administration. “The lack of respect of government property tracks the abuse of tax dollars that was common throughout the Clinton Administration,” CAGW President Thomas A. Schatz told the PR Newswire. Al Gore’s campaign Press Secretary Chris Lahane had a different explanation for the computer catastrophe. “My guess is that the White House did not have many reasons to use the letter “W” over the last couple years. It’s possible they just fell off because of sheer atrophy.” To help remedy the situation, OfficeMax announced Wednesday that it will donate 500 new “W” keyboard keys and 100 keyboards to the Bush Administration.

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