On “Fox News Sunday,” White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said, “We should let (the George W. Bush) family deal with the problems that most families in America have had to deal with without the scrutiny of the American public.” On Thursday in Austin (Texas) Municipal Court, First Daughter Barbara Bush, 19, pleaded no contest to an underage drinking charge. The court appearance stemmed from a May 29 incident at a popular Austin Mexican restaurant that Barbara attended with her twin sister, Jenna. (The situation is the subject of the current PEOPLE cover story.) Barbara, who was not in court and made her plea through her attorney, was sentenced to eight hours of community service and an alcohol awareness class. (The case will be dismissed if she completes the terms of probation by Sept. 7.) Jenna, who was charged the same evening with trying to use fake I.D. to purchase alcohol, pleaded innocent. Her case is scheduled for July 31. When asked specifically if the President had told his daughters to curb their behavior, Card replied, “I suspect that the President has probably said that to his daughters. And as we sit here talking, the President and his wife and daughters are in Crawford, Texas, on their ranch, and I’m sure that this is a quality family weekend.”