By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 19, 2001 11:24 AM

President Bush, convinced the world has been “called to respond to terror,” will exercise his powers of personal persuasion on dignitaries from Asia, Europe and Russia at the White House on Wednesday. After talking to more than 20 international leaders by telephone, Bush has begun a face-to-face campaign to win support for what he calls a global war against terrorism after hijacked airliners left nearly 6,000 people missing or dead. The Bush administration is planning a multi-pronged assault on terrorism, including economic and diplomatic strategies and military options ranging from covert operations to ground war. All will require cooperation from other countries and up to now Bush has worked the phone lines. On Tuesday night, reports Reuters, French President Jacques Chirac became the first in a parade of foreign leaders and officials to visit the White House. Chirac stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush in a show of solidarity against “this absolute evil which is terrorism.” Chirac, however, stopped short of endorsing Bush’s use of the word “war,” but agreed that “we are faced with a conflict of a completely new nature.”