November 09, 2001 12:15 PM

REQUESTED: Speaking to the country Thursday night, President Bush called on Americans to defy acts of terror by strengthening their communities, comforting their neighbors and remaining vigilant in the face of further threats. “One way to defeat terrorism is to show the world the true values of America,” he told an enthusiastic crowd of 5,000 police officers, firefighters, postal workers and fans, who interrupted him with applause more than 25 times in his 32-minute speech. “Out of evil can come great good” . . . PREPARED: Five major music companies are cooperating to release CD and DVD versions of “America: A Tribute to Heroes” on Dec. 4. Proceeds from the two-disc set, drawn from the Sept. 21 TV special (which raised $250 million), will go to the Sept. 11 Telethon Fund. Artists include Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, U2, Faith Hill, Tom Petty, Neil Young and Willie Nelson . . ASSEMBLED: Viacom Inc. chairman Sumner Redstone and News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch and other top industry executives are scheduled to gather in Beverly Hills on Sunday morning with Karl Rove, the president’s senior adviser, to hammer out a specific agenda for the entertainment industry to aid the fight on terrorism. It’s a follow-up to an initial Oct. 17 meeting . . . PROMISED: Families of uniformed personnel who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will each receive checks of up to $100,000 before Thanksgiving, New York Mayor Giuliani announced Wednesday. The money marks an immediate disbursement of about $40 million of the $85 million raised for the Twin Towers Fund, says New York’s Daily News . . . REQUESTED: Melissa Gilbert’s election as president of the Screen Actors Guild is being challenged. Renee Aubry, a SAG member, says results should be voided because of disparities in balloting. Aubry is complaining that the 25,000 ballots mailed to New York members lacked the signature line and instructions that were included on the 73,000 ballots sent to West Coast members. Spokesman Greg Krizman says the guild’s election committee will meet to consider the challenge.

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