Bunch O Balloons/Kickstarter
July 26, 2014 08:20 PM

Finally, a Kickstarter everyone can enjoy – even if they’ve got a mayonnaise allergy.

Weeks after an Ohio man raised more than $50,000 to make a giant batch of potato salad, a Texas dad has invented a contraption that could alter the course of summer: Bunch O Balloons, a gadget that allows anyone with a hose to fill dozens of water balloons at the same time.

Here’s a GIF of the device in action, courtesy of Gizmodo:

Bunch O Balloons comes from the mind of Josh Malone, a father of eight, who told ABC News he had spent interminable hours filling water balloons the old-fashioned way.

Exhausted, he searched for a better way before finally hitting upon the golden idea to invent a device with a central tube that distributes water to 37 balloons at the same time, with elastic rings that cut off the water supply once the balloons are full.

Malone has already produced small quantities of his invention, but he turned to the crowdfunding site in the hopes of getting enough money for mass-production. Malone asked for $10,000, but less than a week in, he’s already raised over $250,000.

With the project fully funded, Malone anticipates that he will be able to produce 200,000 bunches a day by spring 2015. If you don’t want to be at a tactical disadvantage, a pack of 100 balloons can be yours next summer with a donation of $16 or more.

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