Bugsy's Secrets Are Safe

Not since Al Capone’s vault was opened in Chicago in 1986 has there been such suspense. Suave Hollywood gangster Bugsy Siegel’s vault was opened for the first time on live TV last night — and inside was zip . . . as was the case with Al’s safe. (All right, so there were some empty gin bottles inside Al’s.) The vault belonging to Bugsy, the man who got Las Vegas rolling as a gambling mecca, dated back to the ’40s, when he was running a prostitution ring out of the Formosa Cafe, a Chinese restaurant that is still in existence. (It figured heavily in the fictional movie, “L.A. Confidential.”) According to Reuters, a psychic had predicted that Bugsy’s vault would contain leases to two Nevada properties in Nevada, a ruby ring and possibly a list of movie moguls who employed Bugsy’s hookers.

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