Frank Micelotta/Getty; James Atoa/Everett Collection
March 13, 2009 02:55 PM

Singer-songwriter Josh Kelley is definitely excited about his upcoming tour with friend Ryan Cabrera.

But he’s also kinda nervous.

“On the tour I’m probably going to get my first tattoo,” Kelley, 29, tells PEOPLE. “I’ve talked about doing it for years and years now. Once it’s on there, I’m sticking with it, so it better be cool!”

The tattoo is just one of many shenanigans the duo is planning for their “Tell It Like It Is” tour this spring, featuring Kelley and Cabrera, 26, together onstage for a full show. “Two guys, one stage,” Kelley says, “kind of like Simon and Garfunkel stuff, except we like each other.”

Since meeting six years ago at a concert in San Francisco, the duo have searched for an opportunity to play together onstage, until now. During the show they’ll play some of each other’s favorite songs, tell jokes, and share stories.

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll go home happy,” Kelley says.

Starting April 15 in Gainesville, Fla., the pair will take to the road on a tricked-out tour bus featuring eight bunk beds, a lounge with surround sound speakers, flatscreen televisions – “and a stripper pole,” Cabrera jokes.

“Yeah right!” Kelley says, adding that his wife, Katherine Heigl, “would kill me if there was a stripper pole. No way, dude. I want to make it home alive.”

Kelley told PEOPLE last year that he always works harder when his Emmy Award-winning wife is in the audience. Which raises the question: Will Heigl – whose character on Grey’s Anatomy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer – be joining the boys on tour?

“Yeah, I think so,” Kelley says. “She loves to go out on the road with me. She feels like she’s kind of slummin’ it, hangin’ with the boys. She’ll probably come to the New York shows, because then I’ll have a hotel room and she won’t have to stay on the bus!”

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