Bryant's Bitter Split

It looks like a nasty divorce is on the horizon for CBS morning host Bryant Gumbel and his estranged wife June. Her lawyer, Barry Slotnick, told New York’s Daily News that the $5-million-a-year star of “The Early Show,” who recently moved into a $10 million Manhattan apartment with his girlfriend Hilary Quinlan, is a “serial adulterer” who pays his wife of 26 years and their two children a meager $250 a month. Furthermore, says Slotnick, June and the children didn’t even receive a Christmas present from Bryant. On Jan. 14, June Gumbel filed for permanent separation. As a Catholic, she opposes divorce, says her attorney, who adds that June’s discussions with the Church about an annulment have not gone well. Bryant’s attorney, Stanley Arkin, told the News that he and his client hope for “a fair and decent resolution” to the couple’s differences.

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