In other news of morning talk show hosts, Bryant Gumbel surprised his daughter Jillian this week as she celebrated her 17th birthday with eight of her friends at an upscale Chinese restaurant in New York. The “Early Show” host arranged for Jillian’s favorite group, ‘N Sync, to stop by for 15 minutes to chat with the partygoers and pose for pictures, reports USA Today. Meanwhile, Bryant’s wife of 26 years, June Gumbel, has poured her heart out to the New York Post. (Lawyers are currently hammering out a divorce settlement between the Gumbels.) “I love my husband very much,” says June, 51. “I still do.” She adds: “I’ve been with him half my life. Now, he’s let a blonde out of nowhere turn his head and woo him.” Bryant, 51, who is now keeping company with Hilary Quinlan, was recently ordered by a judge to increase his monthly support payments to June from $250 to $4,000. Bryant had no comment.