Bruce Willis Sues Childhood Friend

The actor says his onetime pal threatened to sell Willis's personal photos

In Entourage, a movie star has his childhood friends working for and living with him – but that set-up hasn’t worked out as well for Bruce Willis.

On Tuesday, the actor filed a civil extortion complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Bruce DiMattia, described in Willis’s legal papers as “his childhood friend and a former employee.”

According to the suit, Willis, 51, hired DiMattia in 2002, in part, to organize private family pictures, videos and other memorabilia.

The lawsuit alleges that DiMattia – “overcome by greed and jealous of his former friend’s success,” says the filing – is now threatening to disseminate that private family material, as well as sell a manuscript “containing lies about Mr. Willis” unless the actor “agrees to pay him over $100,000 and buy him a car, among other things.”

Willis contends that his ex-pal was living, rent-free, in one of his homes, and “has refused to move out” even though, as of mid-2006, DiMattia is no longer an employee.

Willis is asking for a jury trial, damages in excess of $1 million and the return of his private material.

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