Bruce Willis

Take Your Daughter to Work Day isn’t until later this month, but Bruce Willis has his bases covered. In The Whole Ten Yards the father of three girls (with ex-wife Demi Moore) puts his youngest, Tallulah Belle, 10, on the job with a cameo role. For Willis, who reprises his role as a retired hitman with a penchant for housecleaning, family time is par for the course. The star, 49, has been spending plenty of time on the red carpet with Mom and the girls – and Mom’s boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher.

He recently talked to reporters about being a dad, reteaming with costar Matthew Perry and those endless marriage (and best man) rumors.

Who’s idea was it to have your character, Jimmy the Tulip, wear bunny slippers?

I think that it might’ve been my idea, yeah.

Is that what you do at home?

I have a pair right now. And I’m wearing women’s undergarments right now, too.

Are you domestic in real life?

I’m a gardener. I’m tidy. I like to do what I call knickknack.

Which is …?

I’m glad that you asked me that. Knickknacking is moving little things around, the little trinkets in your life.

Did your daughter Tallulah Belle have a ball making the film with you?

How about my daughter standing there toe-to-toe with Matthew Perry improvising and just banging lines at him? She’s just hitting them out of the park.

Has it been hard to be involved with your family since the divorce?

It’s not hard at all. That’s the point, that Demi and I just chose to put our children first. We do it well, and we’re really fortunate.

Any plans to marry again? You’ve been steady with Brooke Burns for a while now.

I want to get married seven times. How many times did Mickey Rooney get married? That’s the goal that I have. I kind of pattern myself after Mickey.

If Demi and Ashton get hitched, would you be their best man?

No, but I saw that on the front of the National Enquirer also, and I thought it was a little kooky. I’m the last to know this kind of stuff.

Back to the film, how was it returning to the same character for Ten Yards?

Matthew and I just had fun. Our goal was to just come into work every day and try and crack each other up. We went way out on a limb with this film. Well, not way out on a limb, but there’s a big middle chunk of the film that just rocks and is really funny.

You and Matthew have really similar styles.

I think that we understand timing. When you work on TV, every day your goal is to try to make people laugh and be funny. You become adept at paying attention to where the joke falls and how long to hold a take.

Are there plans for another sequel?

There are talks about an ice show.

What about Die Hard 4?

What about it? No, you know what (we) need, we’re having a contest to see who can come up with an ending for Die Hard 4. That’s where they keep getting stuck. They don’t want to blow up the planet but don’t quite know where else to go. You know what, I like the idea of hoping for the best, and seeing what happens. There is a script that’s being written and they’re trying to get it done.

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