Bruce On a Roll

Bruce Willis’s ghostly thriller “The Sixth Sense” joined “Titanic” and “Phantom Menace” as the only movies in history to bring in more than $20 million for four straight weeks, according to industry estimates. Its one-month total take so far is $138.9 million. Box-office returns this weekend:

1. “The Sixth Sense,” $20.1 million.
2. “13th Warrior,” $10.3 million.
3. “Runaway Bride,” $6.9 million.
4. “Bowfinger,” $6.6 million.
5. “Mickey Blue Eyes,” $5.4 million.
6. “The Thomas Crown Affair,” $4.7 million.
7. “The Muse,” $4.2 million.
8. “In Too Deep,” $4.1 million (tie).
8. “The Blair Witch Project,” $4.1 million (tie).
10. “The Astronaut’s Wife,” $4 million.

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