Brother on Jolie

The relationship between best supporting actress winner Angelina Jolie (“Girl, Interrupted”) and her brother, actor James Haven, has been the subject of rumors since the two passionately clung to each other at the Oscars and Jolie, 24, declared her love for him on the stage. “It’s a really weird thing,” Haven, 26, told USA Today. “I laughed at first, then I got angry about it,” he said. “People are not used to this, so they automatically think negatively. But everyone who has jumped to this very sick thought is going to have egg on their face.” Haven believes that the gossip-mongers “will realize in time that it is just a very close relationship, and it has nothing to do with what they are implying.”

  • In other news of Angelina Jolie, reports are surfacing that she may have played a part in the break-up of Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern. New York’s Daily News says that Jolie is sporting a new tattoo that reads “Billy Bob,” and quotes a source as saying the two have been seeing each other for months. Jolie’s publicist did not return the newspaper’s calls.
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