VIDEO: Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Music Video Debut (and Jumps Off a Roof!) in The Vamps' 'Wake Me Up'

Brooklyn Beckham helps the band prepare for an epic jam sesh on top of a water tower


Brooklyn Beckham can check “be in a music video” off of his bucket list.

Beckham made his music video debut in the British band The Vamps’ hit “Wake Me Up.” The video features the 16-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham as he helps the four bandmates – Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Connor Ball – pull off possibly the most epic jam sesh ever.

Beckham starts off as a hooded figure who climbs the roof of a house and shoots of V-shaped fireworks into the sky, signaling the band’s fans in a very Batman-esque call.

Beckham then jumps off the roof and removes his hood in an effortlessly cool, and not terrified-that-he-could-have-just-broken-a-leg kind of way.

As the upbeat, anthemic song continues, Beckham joins the rest of the band as loyal fans buzz around the city preparing for the concert that the fireworks promised.

The video ends with the band performing on a super-tall water tower overlooking the hills of California.

While Beckham might be the official king of Instagram, he can now officially add “music video star” to his resume.

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