"I think I would have had sex a lot earlier," the actress says, had she been "more in touch with myself"

By Isley Kasica
May 25, 2009 03:00 PM
Theo Wargo/WireImage

Brooke Shields got a head start in modeling and acting, but the one thing she regrets not doing sooner? Having sex.

“I think I would have had sex a lot earlier,” the actress tells Health magazine in its June issue. “I think I would have been much more in touch with myself.”

In fact, Shields, 44, feels that losing her virginity sooner could have helped her with body image as a young adult.

“I think I wouldn’t have had issues with weight – I carried this protective 20 pounds [in college]. It was all connected,” she says. “I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22.”

Though Shields reveals that she didn’t learn “to love the way I looked earlier,” now that she’s older, she’s not letting age hold her back.

“The older I get, the younger I feel,” the actress says. “Growing up, I was always the kid, but I spoke like an adult and was in adult roles I always thought when you get older, you ll want to slow down, but I want to do even more.”

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