Brooke Mueller has joined an outpatient rehab program near Park City, Utah
Credit: Moira Wolofsky Fiore

Brooke Mueller has completed her most recent stint in live-in rehab and remains committed to her sobriety — and her two children.

“Brooke is out of inpatient rehab and currently in an outpatient program just outside of Park City,” Mueller’s mother, Moira Wolofsky Fiore, tells PEOPLE. “She takes her twins to school, and then drives to her treatment each day.”

The twins, Bob and Max, 7, are thrilled to have their mother — and ski partner — living with them full-time at their home in Park City, Utah.

“The boys love being with Brooke because she can go skiing with them on weekends and she takes them everywhere with her,” says Fiore, who quips, “Grandma was too strict with them.”

Credit: Moira Wolofsky Fiore
Credit: Moira Wolofsky Fiore

Fiore says that she’s proud of the progress that her daughter has made during her time in the rehab programs, and believes that Mueller, 39, is “dedicated and committed to battling addiction.”

In November, Charlie Sheen‘s ex had gone off of her medications, but was quickly treated at the rehab center where she stayed for a few weeks until she was able to join the outpatient program.

“I am so proud of her commitment and what a great mom she is,” says Fiore. “Brooke is working hard on her sobriety which is an insidious disease.”