The hot mom of four also keeps in shape teaching fitness to her friends with her Booty Burn classes

By Andrea Billups
March 12, 2014 11:35 AM
Credit: Courtesy Health

Brooke Burke-Charvet says she tries to live her busy life with purpose, balance and also romance, and that includes “making out” with her husband David Charvet – a relationship she says took 20 years to come full circle.

“We met in Mexico, and it was the perfect example of right guy, wrong time because we had this beautiful affair, came back to L.A. and just stayed friends,” Burke-Charvet, 42, tells Health for its April cover story.

“If we had gotten together then, we wouldn’t have made it,” she says of meeting two decades ago. “We had to grow up and then we found each other much later in life, and it was the right time.”

They have made up for those years apart by staying close – while weathering the demands of a large and blended family as well as her thyroid cancer diagnosis and surgery in 2012.

“We believe in romance. We hold hands. We cook together. We still make out,” says Burke-Charvet about keeping their connection alive. “We’re very fiery passionate people, so when we fight, it’s like the 4th of July!”

Although she is exiting her hosting duties at Dancing With the Stars, Burke-Charvet still has plenty on her plate, including an upcoming guest spot on Melissa & Joey.

Recently certified as a group fitness instructor, she’s teaching her own workout classes, called Booty Burn, to a group of her friends. The “Modern Mom” blogger has also designed her own line of fitness wear for women, Caelum, which is Latin for chisel – a word that is fitting for her. She says she works out 3-5 times weekly “to fatigue” to remain bikini ready.

But looking hot isn’t her focus, she says. That remains tending to her family, also knowing that when in the midst of her “chaotic” life she needs to take a moment for herself.

“I have four children and several different careers, but I really know how to turn it all off,” she says.

“I know how to shut down my phone for family time. I can take a little time to myself to watch a sunset or have a cup of green tea and read a magazine.”