June 25, 2015 03:15 PM

When Brody Jenner dishes out advice on Sex with Brody, his upcoming talk show in which inquiring minds call in with intimacy questions, he might come off as a bit of a player.

Maybe the story about his dirty escapades in Mexico will give you that idea. Or perhaps his tale about the time he stacked women on top of each other will leave you with that impression.

But his co-hosts, sex therapist Dr. Mike Dow and comedian Stevie Ryan, want you to know that despite the many sexual adventures of his past, the reality television staple, 31, is as sweet as they come.

“Brody is actually a huge softie, and he is actually like a little teddy bear,” Dow told PEOPLE at NBC’s Summer Press day in New York City. “And he loves his girlfriend [model Kaitlynn Carter] so much, and he’s the best boyfriend. So he talks a big game, but it’s actually not true.”

And in case your mind went straight to the gutter, Ryan jumped in to clarify Dow’s remark: “[Brody is an] in-the-heart softie not in the genital area,” she said.

His kind interior (and smolderingly attractive exterior) will be on display on Sex with Brody, through which Jenner, Dow, and Ryan offer their personal and professional bedroom guidance. But do not expect to come away from the show with an easy answer to your burning inquiries – the three personalities promise to provide a variety of opinions if you give them a ring on the air.

Dow explained, “You have a bisexual female; you have an openly gay sex therapist; you have a quintessential straight dude who is the son of the most famous transgender person in the world [Caitlyn Jenner]. So you are going to get any and all perspectives from all different sides.”

So get your questions ready Sex with Brody debuts on E! on July 10.

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