Brittney Griner also alleges in a court filing that her fellow WNBA player was "not completely faithful" during their courtship

By Jeff Truesdell
July 23, 2015 02:40 PM
Courtesy Glory Johnson

The collapse of the 28-day marriage between WNBA players Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner was fueled by Griner’s discovery that her wife was texting a former boyfriend during their engagement, Griner alleges in a court document obtained by PEOPLE.

Just prior to filing for annulment last month, Griner says she learned Johnson had been texting “her former beau, which is documented by text messages on April 6, 2015,” a month before the two WNBA players tied the knot on May 8, according to a recent filing in the court case.

Griner “would not have married” Johnson if she had been made aware of any ongoing affection between Johnson and what Griner’s attorney identifies in the court papers as Johnson’s “former male companion.”

In addition, according to the July 13 filing, Griner “just recently learned that (Johnson) was not completely faithful during their courtship leading up to the engagement. (Johnson) intentionally concealed her sexual relations with a man to whom she was simultaneously in a relationship from 2013 to July 2014.”

Griner states she “had no idea” that Johnson “was sexually and emotionally involved with another individual at the same time she was sexually and emotionally involved” with Griner, and that if she did know, “she would never have proposed, let alone marry” Johnson.

Johnson, 24, has taken time off from playing with the Tulsa Shock due to her in vitro pregnancy that was announced by the couple on June 4, one day before Griner, also 24, a player with the Phoenix Mercury, filed to end the marriage.

Just two weeks before the marriage, the two were arrested April 22 for assault and disorderly conduct on each other after an argument at their Goodyear, Arizona, home.

In her court filings, Griner said she wanted to postpone the wedding while each completed counseling after accepting responsibility for their roles in the altercation, but she felt “pressured into marriage under duress by (Johnson’s) threatening statements.” Griner says she also wanted to postpone having children, but due to “ultimatums, demands and threats” made by Johnson, she went ahead and signed documents on April 29 to proceed with fertility treatments that used Johnson’s eggs and a donor’s sperm.

After the assault, both players were suspended for seven games by the league. Griner has since returned to the team, and recently she was voted by fans to be a starting center for the WNBA All-Star Game on Saturday.

A request by PEOPLE to Johnson’s rep for comment was not immediately returned.