Director Simon Monjack tells PEOPLE he leaves the decisions to his new bride

By Kimberly Lansing
June 11, 2007 02:55 PM
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

Brittany Murphy’s new husband, British writer-director Simon Monjack, says he has uncovered the secret to a happy marriage: Listen to his wife.

“I’ve learned one thing in life: A man can only say two things – yes or no. Everything else is up to a woman,” Monjack told PEOPLE Saturday at the City of Hope gala honoring Rock & Republic’s founder and CEO Michael Ball in Beverly Hills.

“It’s the only way for a happy marriage. That’s why I leave everything up to the boss,” he said, indicating his bride. “I simply limit it to yes or no.”

The couple, who pulled off a top-secret wedding last spring and a hush-hush honeymoon, are also collaborating on another project: Murphy’s new film, The Painting, in which she plays a spy.

“It’s a very exciting European heist film,” said the actress, using a very proper English accent. “I get to be British which I’m excited about! I want to make the British very proud so I want to make sure it’s impeccable.”

At least one Brit who is impressed is her husband, who says: “She does a better British accent than I do!”

As for working together, the couple have no problem mixing business with pleasure. Monjack, who has photographed Murphy for several magazines, said working together is “fantastic.” Murphy also calls the experience “Amazing.”

“We didn’t even have to say anything,” she said. “It’s like we could read each other’s minds.”