Simon Monjack tells PEOPLE that most drugs found in the house at the time of his wife's death were his

By Michelle Tauber
January 20, 2010 04:25 PM
Credit: Starmax

The husband of Brittany Murphy says the late actress had “laryngitis and flu-like symptoms” at the time of her sudden death on Dec. 20 – but was not suffering from seizures, as has been reported.

In his first interview since his wife’s death, Simon Monjack tells PEOPLE that many of the prescription medications found in their house at the time of Murphy’s death were for his own use.

Among the prescription medications reportedly on hand at the Los Angeles home were: Methylprednisolone, an anti-inflammatory, Fluoxetine, an antidepressant, Klonopin, a seizure medication, Carbamazepine, a medication to treat diabetes and also bipolar disorder, Ativan, an anxiety medication, and Vicoprofen, a pain killer.

Monjack, an oral cancer survivor, says he suffers from migraines and seizures as well as a heart condition. “I’ve had seizures,” he says. “We’re still trying to establish [why].” He says most of the medications in the Hollywood Hills home he shared with Murphy and her mother, Sharon, were for his own health issues.

He says Murphy used Vicoprofen to relieve pain from severe menstrual cramps.
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“She was on an antibiotic and was taking cough medicine,” says Monjack, who believes her death was triggered by a congenital heart murmur. “No [medications] that could have possibly led to her heart attack.”

The actress’s mother, Sharon, told PEOPLE that Murphy did not take drugs, and had a naturally “bubbly” personality. “She never even drank. Maybe a glass of champagne at New Years,” says Sharon. “But everyone used to say she was wasted, she was this, she was that. It was hard for anyone to imagine that somebody was so high on life.”

The results of the toxicology report to determine the cause of Murphy’s death are still pending.

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