Brittany Murphy & Husband Talk Baby Plans and Blogs

Internet criticism has "made us stronger," says hubby Simon Monjack

Photo: Anthony Dixon/WENN

Brittany Murphy and her writer-director husband Simon Monjack are just weeks away from celebrating their April 12 first anniversary. Now the couple have set their sights on reaching another milestone: Starting a family.

At a W Magazine-Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art gala over the weekend, Monjack, 38, told PEOPLE: “Please God, next year [we’re] having a family!”

“Yes! Yes!” chimed in Murphy, 30. “In about a year” they plan to have children. But, joked Monjack, “apparently, according to the Internet, I already have several!”

Murphy and her British writer-director husband already have endured their share of public scrutiny – via, as they put it, “the blogs” – over their sudden marriage

“All these ridiculous people came out and said all this nonsense when we got married, [but] thank god we had the substance and the history within that to [say], ‘Yeah, whatever!'” says Monjack, who’s been friends with Murphy since she was 17. “We still don’t understand what happened. It’s made us laugh, it’s made us cry, but it’s made us stronger.”

So, according to Murphy, the final solution for dealing with all the negativity: “We did stop using the Internet lately,” she said. “No blogs. We’re a blog-free couple!”

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