Plus: Charles says Camilla "could be" next Queen of England
Credit: Danny Lawson-WPA Pool/Getty; Samir Hussein/Getty

King William? Britons like the sound of that.

Two polls show people in the UK prefer that the newly engaged Prince William be their next king instead of his father Prince Charles. The throne is currently occupied by Charles’s mother, 84-year-old Queen Elizabeth.

The YouGov poll in the Sunday Times showed the majority of Britons believe William would be a better king than the 62-year-old Charles, while an ICM poll in the News of the World poll found 64 percent wanted William and future wife Kate Middleton, both 28, as next in line, Reuters reports.

Charles expressed his own thoughts about succession. He tells NBC’s Dateline that his wife Camilla, 63, could become queen if he becomes king.

“You know, I mean, we ll see,” Charles says in the interview that aired Friday, “and I don t know if I ll – if I ll still be alive, but that – that could be.”

Britons who adored Charles’s late wife Prince Diana hated Camilla, blaming her for undermining the marriage. But since Charles and Camilla married in 2005 many have warmed to her down-to-earth personality and sense of humor.