Souvenirs of the pop princess can be had online, including a $14,000 pre-chewed wad

Britney Spears has found herself in a sticky situation – her old chewing gum is being offered for sale on eBay, reports the Associated Press, noting that bidding on one piece of gum chewed and spat out by the pop princess, 22, reached $14,000.

Mostly, the wads go for $5-$100: The entrepreneur offering the $14,000 gum bid against himself to drive up the price.

While no certificates of authenticity accompany the wads, says the news service, many postings on the online auction site include photos of a small piece of chewed gum, a copy of a ticket stub from the place of its discovery and what AP calls “a personal story of procurement,” such as the one spat out in early August outside Spears’s L.A. home ($26 being a recent bid).

A hopeful seller from London set an asking price of $53 for gum obtained at a 2000 Wembley Arena concert. “I have had this item for over three years and am only listing it because of the current interest in Ms. Spears’s habit for discarding gum!” says the sales pitch.

Brian Johnson, 25, of Mississauga, Ontario, boasting that “You could take a DNA test to prove this is the real deal,” put a $1,000 on his wad and obtained the gum while working backstage at a Toronto concert in April.

“While I was holding the camera, I saw her spit it out,” Johnson said. “I thought it would be funny to bring the gum home and show some of my friends. They got a big laugh out of it.”

Also for sale from Spears’s litter-strewn path: Kleenex and cigarette butts, an allegedly used bath towel and a bar of soap. Its seller calls that last set “priceless.”