Britney's Father Granted Legal Control Over Daughter's Affairs

A court gives Jamie Spears temporary powers; Restraining order is issued against Sam Lutfi

Photo: INF

Britney Spears‘s father is taking control.

Jamie Spears, accompanied by ex-wife Lynne, was granted temporary legal control over their daughter in an emergency court hearing Friday – a move that gives her dad new power over her hospital visitors and could keep her close pal Sam Lutfi at bay.

Commissioner Reva Goetz stated that she found Jamie’s petition for conservatorship to be in the singer’s “best interest,” and that Jamie was a “suitable and qualified person.”

The court also granted Jamie the authority to “prosecute any civil harassment restraining orders.” Court rep Allan Parachini confirmed “there was a civil harassment restraining order issued against Sam Lutfi, but the specifics of that order are unknown.” The status of the restraining order will be heard in court on Feb. 22, he said.

The powers granted to Jamie Spears, which last until a Monday hearing, allow him to restrict and limit visitors to his daughter (who remains hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center), as well as to employ security guards to protect her.

Access to Medical Records

Jamie Spears also gets access to Spears’s medical records, and he can communicate with her doctors, Commissioner Goetz said in court. (However, legal experts say her father will have no authority regarding her psychiatric treatment for now.)

Goetz also allowed temporary control over Spears’s finances, in addition to securing her residence, changing its locks, and vacating any people living there.

Jamie and Lynne Spears, who appeared solemn throughout the hearing, seemed relieved by the ruling. The former couple left the courtroom without commenting to reporters.

Earlier in the day, Lutfi, who had been locked in a battle with the singer’s parents, spoke out against Britney’s parents and their arrival in court. “I object to this. Britney is fully capable of handling her own finances. Her doctors are capable of handling her health care,” he told PEOPLE. “You’d think in a time like this, the family would be at the hospital taking care of their daughter, rather than fighting for her money. How sad.”

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