February 05, 2002 10:00 AM

Admitting on the air that she felt like a reporter for Teen Beat, Katie Couric, 45, interviewed Britney Spears, 20, Tuesday morning on the “Today” show. It was what is termed a “soft” session, with Couric asking nothing more demanding of the pop princess than whether or not hosting “Saturday Night Live” last Saturday was “fun” (it was) and what it was like to shoot the Pepsi commercials shown during the Super Bowl (also fun, as it turned out). Spears admitted to being a little annoyed when people told her that when they saw “SNL” regular Chris Kattan in Britney drag at the beginning of the show they thought he was the real Britney, but other than that, doing the comedy show — her second stint as its host and musical guest — was easier this time than last, because she was less nervous. Also, “I’m from theater,” she said, so live performing was no problem. Finally, Couric asked about Spears’s boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. “He’s doin’ wonderful. He’s on a little break right now. He’s about to start rehearsals,” replied Spears. Referring to the stories that they are engaged, Couric pressed on. “Any news on the Justin front?” she asked. “No,” answered Britney. “Not right now?” said Couric. Spears nodded. Concluded Couric, “Well, tell him we said, ‘Hey,’ and the rest of the ‘N Sync gang, as well.”

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