Britney Spears's New Year's Resolution: 'To Take Care of Me'

After an exhausting 2006, Spears says she wants to start treating herself better

In recent months, Britney Spears lost her baby weight, moved to a new house, got to work on her new album, and of course, filed for divorce from Kevin Federline – so what does she want to do in 2007?

Asked if she had any New Year’s resolutions by TV’s Extra at her New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas, Spears, 25, replied: “Stop biting my nails. Just to take care of me more.”

Those words proved prescient: Later that night, she fell asleep at the club – a result of exhaustion, not alcohol, her manager said.

Even before Dec. 31, Spears had self-improvement on her mind: Earlier that month, she posted a message on her Web site defending her post-split partying – which resulted in several revealing photos – but admitted, “I probably did take my new found freedom a bit too far.”

She signed off: “Anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.”

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