The post-meltdown singer ventures from her home – only to get a flat tire
Credit: Fame

First a meltdown, then a blowout.

After finally returning to her Studio City home from her forced hospitalization, Britney Spears ventured out in her car Monday evening, only to end up with a flat tire.

Driving her white Mercedes and accompanied by her assistant, Spears, 26, popped a tire in Brentwood after visiting a drug store.

With the paparazzi on her tail, she continued to drive with the flat a few miles down the road without her lights on, and even passed by a gas station.

The singer’s flat caused mayhem for the LA traffic. On her way back to her house, Spears pulled over and was met by police officers who allowed her to abandon her vehicle on the side of the road.

Spears was given a ride away from the scene – not by the police, but by photographers who had been trailing her.