The singer emphasizes that she is performing for fans, not critics

By Jeremy Paul Gordon
Updated November 10, 2009 02:30 PM
GSI Media

Despite a recent flap over alleged lip-synching at a concert in Australia, Britney Spears isn’t letting the media storm deter her from what matters most: her fans.

“I hear there is a lot of controversy in the media about my show,” the singer said in a statement. “Some reporters have said they love it and some don’t. I came to Australia for my fans!”

While scrutiny about whether or not Spears’s singing would be live or pre-recorded arose last week, it was actually report of fans walking out of her concert that put the singer on the defensive.

“It’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard,” Spears’s tour promoter Paul Dainty told The Australian about the reports. “I’m so angry. We can take heat if there’s something wrong and people can review shows badly – that’s something you have to live with – but to say people stormed out of the show was an absolute fabrication.”

Meanwhile, the Musicians Union of Australia released its own statement in response to the lip- synching controversy, saying that concert-goers should be told if they’re buying tickets to a lip-synched performance.

“It’s not right that people are going to the concert when they are being misled,” Terry Noone, the union’s federal secretary, told ABC News Online. “That’s the issue. It’s not about music, it’s about false advertising.

Spears is set to perform three shows in Melbourne this week before continuing across Australia for the rest of her “Circus” tour, which will conclude at the end of November.