September 11, 2016 04:50 PM

Back to school with Britney!

Britney Spears can add one more accolade to her resume: dance teacher. The 34-year-old star took to her Instagram account on Saturday to share photos and videos from a dance class she was instructing. From stretching to sassy finger-wagging, the pop star led a class of a couple dozen young girls in a dance studio.

In one video, Spears shows a collage of the day, along with a clip of the group stretching. She captioned the video, “Class today” with a couple ballet dancer emojis.

Later in the day, she shared a video of the progress the class had made, showing a run-through of the routine she taught the girls.

“It’s sooo great to teach!” she wrote in the post.

“Got it?” she asked in the video. “Cool!”

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Back in 2008, Spears taught a group of pint-size pupils as a semi-regular dance instructor at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

“The class was amazing,” Robert Baker, director of the Millennium Dance Complex, told PEOPLE in February 2008. “Britney was just amazing with the kids and everyone ended up having a blast. At the end of the hour class, all the kids hugged Britney and she seemed very happy.”

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