"Britney is so excited to kick off her tour," the pop star's blog says following a report that the tour was in trouble

By Mike Fleeman
February 02, 2009 07:35 PM

It’s off to the circus for Britney Spears‘s children.

The pop star took to her blog Monday to knock down a report that her upcoming two-month tour was in trouble because of a snag over whether she could travel with her two boys.

“Both Sean Preston and Jayden James will, in fact, be joining Britney throughout the duration of her tour,” says Spears’s blog.

Spears ex, Kevin Federline, 30, has primary custody of the boys, ages 3 and 2, but Spears has nearly 50-50 access to them in visitation rights.

Her Circus tour kicks off March 3 in New Orleans and ends April 28 in Chicago. Spears, 27, says she spent the weekend lounging by the pool checking out sketches of costumes.

“Britney is so excited to kick off her tour,” her blog says. “She has been enjoying every moment of rehearsals and is looking forward to performing in front of a live audience again.”

Spears also revealed more details about the tour, including a description of the elaborate stage patterned off a three-ring circus with multiple acts taking place at the same time.

“It’s sexy, fun, explosive, and full of surprises,” says designer Jamie King. “While avoiding such traditional circus elements as live animals, we’ve created something innovative and exciting using contortionists, dancers, lighting, fire and other special effects.”

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