The pop star overtakes the actor (and social media guru) on the micro-blogging site

By Brian Orloff
May 24, 2010 03:35 PM

Ashton Kutcher‘s reign as Twitter king is over.

Britney Spears now has more Twitter followers than the actor, who once famously beat CNN to 1 million followers. As of Monday afternoon, the pop star had 4,955,768 followers, while Kutcher had 4,944,221 followers.

“WOW!!!!! #1 on Twitter,” she wrote. “Thank you! Tweet me some questions this morning! xoxo Brit.”

So, what does the actor think about losing his Twitter title?

“I don’t care,” he Tweeted after being informed about the news at a junket for his upcoming movie, Killers. Spears, meanwhile, was much peppier about things, taking to her Twitter account to personally thank fans. “This is really amazing! I love you all! I better get busy writing 4,947,608 thank you notes! U guys make me sooo happy! -Brit,” she wrote. (Often her manager or other members of her staff Tweet for her.)

In recent weeks, it appeared that Spears would outrank Kutcher on Twitter. When polled, 64 percent of readers said they were happy the pop star was gaining on Kutcher.