Britney Spears: So What's True?

Poor Britney Spears. The teen musical powerhouse isn’t dating anybody, if spokeswoman Sonia Mackle is to be believed. The reports that Britney, 17, is dating Robbie Carrico of Boyz n’ Girlz Unlimited are “absolutely not true,” Mackle says in this morning’s USA Today (though she does say they are friends). Today’s New York Post, however, claims that they are “dating” and that Britney’s rep “confirmed” this. USA Today also reports that Britney’s not dating ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake, either. “She’s not dating anyone right now,” Mackle tells the paper. In other news of Spears, TV Guide reports that Britney says her breasts are her own. “I went through a major growth spurt,” Britney tells the publication, by way of explaining that the breast implants reports about her are “totally not true.”

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