Britney Spears Has Another Visit with Her Sons

Plus: Her father seeks to quickly end a civil rights challenge to his control of her affairs

Photo: Fame

Britney Spears saw her sons again Monday, while her father sought to quickly end a civil rights challenge to his control of her affairs.

The singer’s children Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, were driven to her Studio House by Kevin Federline‘s bodyguard for a three-hour visit.

It was the second visitation in three days; on Saturday, Spears saw her children for the first time since Jan. 3 after working out a structured visitation arrangement with Federline.

Meanwhile, attorneys for Spears’s father Jamie filed another round of papers in federal court on Monday, urging a judge to quickly end a civil rights challenge to Jamie’s control of his daughter’s $100 million estate and keep the co-conservatorship case in state court.

Lawyer Needs More Time

Jon Eardley, an attorney who claims to represent the pop star, had been asked by U.S. District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez to file papers by Feb. 22 explaining the civil rights challenge. Instead, Eardley on Friday told the judge he needed more time to formally file.

In legal documents, Eardley claims that Britney retained him Feb. 12 before her phone was taken away and the line disconnected. Eardley also continued to maintain that the conservatorship case in state court violates her constitutional rights.

But in motion filed Monday, the conservatorship attorneys say Eardley, in addition to failing to meet the court’s filing deadline, has not proven that he even qualifies as Britney’s attorney or addressed the most fundamental legal issues in the case.

The conservatorship motion asks that the case be immediately returned to Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, and that Eardley be forced to reimburse $43,000 in attorney fees.

While the civil rights issue remained unresolved in federal court, the conservatorship case in state court is stalled.

“There’s nothing for this court to do today. We’re in a holding pattern,” said Goetz at a hearing Friday.

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