Britney Spears paid tribute to Adele's smash hit in a dance video she posted on Instagram
Credit: Getty

Hey Adele, the feeling’s mutual: Britney Spears is a big fan.

Just a few days after the record-breaking British singer called her the “queen,” Spears paid tribute to Adele in her own way.

The iconic pop star shared a video of herself performing a number of fouetté turns to Adele’s smash hit “Hello.”

The dance clip, which is black-and-white and features a faux-grainy effect, was posted to Spears’ Instagram account on Saturday.

“I could dance to this song a MILLION times,” she wrote. “Love you @adele!”

What It’s like to Be at Home with Britney Spears and Her Boys

Spears spent the holiday last week with her family amid her busy schedule, which includes not only a Las Vegas residency but also work on a new album.

Spears celebrated Thanksgiving with her siblings – Bryan, 38, and Jamie Lynn, 24 – as well as her sons, Sean, 10, and Jayden, 9, and Jamie Lynn’s 7-year-old daughter, Maddie.