An "excited" Spears picks up a $3,000 Yorkie at a Bel Air pet store

It really turned out to be a dog day afternoon for Britney Spears. The pop star and her bodyguard headed to Pets of Bel Air in the Glen Center in Bel Air on Friday – and left with a new puppy, a source tells PEOPLE.

An “excited” Spears walked into the store and right up to the dog section where she asked to see one dog in particular – a $3,000 Yorkie, says a fellow shopper. “She picked up the dog and loved it right away, she was incredibly nice and very pleasant.”

Pleasant and fast: The pop star gave the cashier her credit card and headed out with her new dog in hand after spending less than a half-hour in the store.

The new addition to the Spears’s clan has been reportedly named “London.”

It’s not the first time Spears has visited the Bel Air pet store. In June, she stopped in to canoodle with a Teacup Chihuahua, but walked away empty-handed.

Spears’s Yorkie joins another recent addition to her animal menagerie: a $19.99 parakeet she picked up at a Petco last month.


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