Her bikini bod consistently gets it right and keeps it tight

Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

Inevitabilities: The sun will rise, politicians will argue, and Britney Spears will give us body envy.

Brit Brit’s abs have long been the stuff of legend, and now at 34, the pop princess is still vaulting us into crunch position with her constant reminders that she’s the queen of lean.

Her bikini bod consistently gets it right and keeps it tight.

So tight, in fact, that why she ever wears anything other than a bikini is a mystery on par with Stonehenge or the Egyptian Pyramids.

Spears even gave Disney’s Ariel a run for her flippin’ money when she tried on this mermaid’s tail (and nailed it, obviously).

And when it’s time to turn in her fins, Spears makes a flawless transition to the crop top life.

How does she stay so ab-tastic? Some intense yoga skills give a clue.

Oh, and all of that dancing probably has a little something to do with her solid bod as well.

You know, just the casual grooving she does on the regular at her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. Totally chill.

Never change Britney, never ever change.