Britney Says William Stood Her Up

Never at a loss for words, Britney Spears has told a British TV host in an interview set to air Saturday that Prince William stood her up after she arranged a rendezvous with him by e-mail, reports the Associated Press (this was before her relationship with Justin Timberlake). For some time, Spears, 20, has denied having a cyber romance with the young royal, 19. But the AP reports that she revealed her snub to the host of “The Frank Skinner Show” (that would be Frank Skinner) in a taped interview recorded last week while she was in Britain to promote her latest single, “Overprotected.” Skinner was querying Spears on whether or not it was true that she had been “quite friendly” with Wills. “Yeah,” she replied, “it was just like, all blown out of proportion — we exchanged e-mails for a little bit, and he was supposed to come and see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out.” “You were blown out by Prince William?” the often-cheeky Skinner asked, to which Spears answered, “Yeah.” She could offer no explanation why the prince changed his mind about meeting . . . though his family has been known to exert quite a bit of influence on its young males.

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