Britney Rumors Shot Down

Britney Spears has been ducking a lot of rumors about herself. While British tabloids are reporting that the pint-sized pop diva is shacking up in a rented Los Angeles pad with ‘N Sync heartthrob Justin Timberlake, Spears’s p.r. rep Lizzie Grubman told USA Today, “She’s only 18. She is 100% absolutely not living with him.” Neither is she looking for an English estate so she can be near Prince William, Grubman added. Home for Spears remains New Orleans — with her folks. Spears, who is actually 19, can address all of these rumors and more in her forthcoming memoir, “Britney,” which will coincide with the release of her new CD on May 9. Clairol, meanwhile, did confirm some rumors about Britney: that she has signed to serve as the hair product company’s celebrity spokeswoman and appear in its TV, print, radio and Internet promotions. Clairol will also sponsor her upcoming 50-city summer tour.

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