By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 03, 2003 10:00 AM

America can sleep easier: More light has been shed on the purported relationship between Britney Spears and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

And she claims it was entirely one-sided — his side.

Speaking to the British version of Glamour magazine (which named her Woman of the Year), the pop princess, 21, was asked if she and Durst really had a thing for each other.

She replied, “I think him for me, but not me for him.” Spears then went on to say, “He’s said some pretty amazing things about me. But, um, I think he leaped in too deep, too quick.”

Among the things he, um, said — and which reportedly ticked Spears off — was that she tried to seduce him by arriving at his Los Angeles studio in a see-through blouse.

Durst, 31, was quoted as saying: “We were just doing our thing. She was wearing low-rider panties. She was very forward and aggressive.”

He also told Howard Stern’s radio audience last week that they had a fling at her Beverly Hills mansion and engaged in unsafe sex, Britain’s Sky News reports.

In the Glamour article, Spears also claimed to be “shocked and disappointed” by remarks made by Justin Timberlake (her boyfriend of four years, until their breakup a year ago) in the video for his single “Cry Me A River.”

She tells the magazine that she is no longer in love with him.

Meanwhile, in other Britney news, a man who allegedly stalked her — Masahiko Shizawa, 41, of Yokohama, Japan — is simply “an avid fan” and his actions were misinterpreted by the pop star, his attorney argued in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, the Associated Press reports.

Spears is seeking a restraining order against Shizawa, whom she accuses of sending her hundreds of love letters and photographs, and tracking her to her homes in Louisiana and Hollywood. His lawyer tells AP that his client is trying to resolve the matter with Spears privately.