In a message to her fans, the new bride talks of starting a family and enjoying her time

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated October 18, 2004 12:00 PM
Credit: X17

The wedded life is clearly agreeing with Britney Spears.

In a new message posted to fans on her Web site, Spears, 22 – who wed Kevin Federline, 26, in a surprise ceremony on Sept. 18 – writes: “Being married is GREAT and I can’t wait to start my family! There is so much change going on right now… not only with me, but in the world, as well. So, the next time you see my face, hear one of my songs or even if I’m the topic of your next conversation, please remember that times are changing & so am I.”

Admittedly, she says, it was time to take a break from her heavy work schedule, though what she’s also discovered is a new maturity within herself. “I know now that my knee gave out on me this past summer so that I would have no choice but to stop. My body was shutting down and needed rest. It’s funny how the Man upstairs works,” she writes. As a result, she is “going to take some time off to enjoy life.”

As for self-discovery: “I’ve actually learned to say ‘NO!’ With this newly found freedom, it’s like people don’t know how to act around me. Should we talk to her like we did when she was 16 or like the Icon everyone says she is?

“I’m sorry that my life seemed like it was all over the place the past 2 years, it’s probably because IT WAS! ” she adds. “I understand now what they mean when they talk about child stars. Going and going and going is all I’ve ever known since I was 15 years old. It’s amazing what advisers will push you to do, even if it means taking a naive, young, blonde girl and putting her on the cover of every magazine.”

As for her current plans: “Right now, I have to go – I really want to watch Saved with Mandy Moore and re-runs of Sex and the City. I want to enjoy all of the simple things that I missed over the past few years due to working way too much.”

Finally, in a postscript, she adds: “Kevin and I are finally able to take our honeymoon!!”

Meanwhile, in other Britney news, a federal judge in Salt Lake City has ordered Spears to explain why she failed to meet a Sept. 1 deadline to respond to a lawsuit filed by diet pill makers who claim that the pop princess’s lawyers threatened to sue them for using her image without permission.

Zoller Laboratories, DG Enterprises and Basic Research LLC are asking the courts to declare they have not violated any state or federal laws with their marketing practices, the Associated Press reports.

The complaint originated in October 2003 when paparazzi caught Spears accidentally spilling a bottle of the diet supplement Zantrex-3 at London’s Heathrow airport and then scrambling to pick up the pills.

U.S. District Judge Paul Cassell has given the new Mrs. Kevin Federline until Oct. 22 to respond to the suit. If she fails, the companies will win a declaration approving their actions by default.