February 05, 2002 10:00 AM

For some 50 lucky fans in Times Square, Super Bowl Sunday’s action wasn’t in New Orleans, but rather at Planet Hollywood, where Britney Spearsand boyfriend Justin Timberlake cohosted a Mardi Gras-themed Super Bowl Fundraiser on behalf of their respective charities, reports PEOPLE. (The Britney Spears Foundation supports underprivileged children, while the Justin Timberlake Foundation promotes music education in schools.) Spears, 20, showed up for the event wearing a midriff-revealing football jersey and dark hip-hugger pants — and was hand-in-hand with ‘N Sync’s Timberlake, 21. Speaking to reporters, Spears avoided questions about her recently announced engagement to Timberlake but did discuss what it was like to film her nostalgic Pepsi ad spots that ran during the Super Bowl. She said, “My favorite era was the hippie one. I got to shoot it with my little sister (Jamie Lynn Spears, 11, who had a non-singing role as a young flower child). She was sitting in the van with me. She was a little nervous. I had to hold her hand.” The fundraiser came hot on the heels of Britney’s second “Saturday Night Live” hosting appearance the night before. Asked how this guest shot compared to her earlier one, the pop princess replied, “I definitely wasn’t as nervous this time. The energy was great. It was so fun for me to do.” Queried which Super Bowl team he was rooting for, Timberlake, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, answered: “I don’t know . . . the Bears?” Giving it serious thought, he conceded, “I guess I’m rooting for the Rams.” Spears, nestled cozily next to Timberlake in a vestibule of the eatery, added: “I’m rooting for whoever he’s rooting for.” And with that, they sped into the party.

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