By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated August 21, 2001 01:00 PM

There isn’t much to go on yet, but the Web site for “Cows Are Cool” is alerting visitors to the fact that Britney Spears is about to participate in a campaign for pleather. Pleather? That’s sort of a plastic leather. “She’s a big pleather fan,” a representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has told, which notes that Spears, 19, is perhaps best known for wearing outfits consisting of very little fabric to begin with. And a visit to the Cows Web site delivers a picture of Spears in mid-song, arms outstretched, in a tomato red-colored outfit of what appears to be rubber or some other type of manmade fabric. Under her portrait is promise that a Pleather Yourself Web site is coming in September. The PETA group is claiming that it has enlisted the Pepsi spokesinger to join them in promoting the leather substitute as well as designing its upcoming Web site. Stay tuned.