Britney Gets in Retail Therapy with Mom

The once-warring mother and daughter go shopping together in L.A.

Photo: INF; shooting star

Britney Spears appears to be bonding with her mother – by shopping.

Spears and mom Lynne spent a half-hour at the Miss Sixty store in Los Angeles, where the pop star spent $650 on J Rocker Jeans, a white Carmen T-shirt, a Tirsa blue dress and a Maybelle stretch tee.

Spears, who once had been estranged from her mother – with an uneasy peace during Britney’s psychiatric care – even asked her for shopping advice, according to an observer.

“Her mom helped her get the right size jeans that she ended up buying,” an eyewitness says. “Britney also held up the blue dress in front of her and showed her mom before she decided to buy it.”

Daughter and mother then traveled to the Millennium Dance Complex, where Spears taught a dance class for youngsters the day before.

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