Britney Gets a House Call – from a Hairdresser

"She's ready for something new," says colorist Kim Vo, who visited Spears this week

Photo: Owen Beiny / WENN

Britney Spears is addressing more than her mental health needs – she got a house call from a hairdresser.

“Britney needed some help with her extensions and wanted to talk about a new color,” says Kim Vo, celebrity colorist and owner of Kim Vo, Beverly Hills and Kim Vo, in the Mirage in Las Vegas. “I hadn’t worked with her before, but they asked me so nicely to help.”

Vo arrived at her Beverly Hills home on Thursday afternoon – the day after her early release from UCLA’s psych ward – and worked with the troubled pop star for four hours in a spare bathroom.

“She was more patient than I would have been,” says Vo, who is an E! commentator and has appeared on Extreme Makeover. “She was sweet and has that Southern hospitality… She offered me iced tea and asked if I was comfortable.”

Finding her scalp and hair in great shape – and “her skin is glowing, like a young girls,” says Vo – he streaked her dark brown locks with a caramel color. “We wanted to brighten it up a bit. She’s ready for something new,” he says.

While Vo and Spears worked in the upstairs, her mom was downstairs cooking chicken for dinner.

“That smells so good, mama,” Spears called down the stairs.

Vo felt none of the drama that has surrounded Spears and her family.

“It’s a peaceful home,” says the hairdresser. “It was not a rock-and-roll kind of place. Very classic and peaceful. She gave me a hug when I finished and both she and her mom told me how much they liked her new look.”

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