September 24, 2013 10:00 AM

Sian Green, a British tourist who five weeks ago was the victim of a New York City taxi cab accident in which one of her legs was severed, expressed her gratitude to those strangers who stepped forward, stayed with her and helped when the horrific incident occurred.

“There’s good people in the world,” the 23-year-old, just out of the hospital and smiling, said on Tuesday’s Today show. “I can’t thank them enough. They saved my life.”

Green, a student of fashion-buying and trainee at Hugo Boss, had been in the city for only a day with pal Keshia Warren when a taxi swerved to avoid hitting a cyclist. The vehicle then jumped the curb and plowed into Green as she was eating a hot dog in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center.

“We came here thinking we’re just going on holiday,” she told the Today show‘s Matt Lauer, as Warren sat at her side, “and it’s been like a whirlwind and it’s turned upside down.”

Hero plumber David Justino rushed to Green’s aid at the time of the incident and used his belt as a tourniquet to stanch the bleeding, described her as “a strong, brave girl” and fully conscious after the accident. She was also tended to by cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, who happened to be on the street, which is near his office, until emergency rescue workers arrived.

One woman simply stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

Green said on Tuesday that her memory of Aug. 20 was “walking, getting a drink, just going to Times Square having a great time with my best friend, and that was it.”

When she saw the cab coming, “I couldn’t move,” Green said. “If I’d have gone right, it would have gotten me. If I’d have gone left, it would’ve gotten me.”

“I didn’t realize until I turned around and saw the whole accident that she wasn’t with me,” said her friend Warren.

According to NBC News, a criminal investigation regarding the accident is underway, and Green is continuing physical therapy to assist with her balance and movement.

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