A-list musicians including Chris Martin and Bono gather for a charity recording to aid Ebola efforts

By Phil Boucher
Updated November 17, 2014 06:00 PM
Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty

Thirty years ago, the original version of "Do They Know It’s Christmas" featured the likes of Phil Collins, Boy George and Duran Duran.

The new video – filmed on Saturday in London – features a mainly new crop of stars including Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Bono, who was also in the original Band Aid recording thirty years ago!

While the faces have (largely) changed, the aim of the video remains the same: to raise awareness and some much-needed funds for a health crisis in Africa.

The target for Band Aid 30 is the Ebola outbreak in West Africa – a virus that founder Bob Geldof described as “inhuman” because of the way it transmits itself through human contact.

“Lovers can’t touch each other. Husbands and wives can’t hold each other in their last moments,” Geldof told the BBC after the video premiered on the U.K. version of The X Factor on Sunday night.

“The Ebola thing is a plane ride away from us,” he continued. “This one isn’t a me, a you or a them. This is an ‘us’ type thing. It’s a filthy little virus and it can be stopped, but only with massive amounts of money and aid and hospitals being sent down there.”

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