April 09, 2002 12:39 PM

More than 1 million mourners in person and another 300 million TV viewers around the world said their collective farewell to Britain’s beloved Queen Mother in a moving yet celebratory royal funeral in London on Tuesday. “Like the sun, she bathed us in her warm glow,” the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, told the assembled within Westminster Abbey. “Now that the sun has set and the cool of the evening has come, some of the warmth we absorbed is flowing back toward her.” As was shown on American TV, Queen Elizabeth, 75, looked somber yet strong during the service, while her son (and the Queen Mum’s favorite grandson), Prince Charles, 53, appeared on the verge of tears as the eulogies were given. “In gratitude we bid farewell to a greatly loved queen, for her grace, humanity and sympathy, for her courage in adversity, for the happiness she brought to so many,” said the Very Rev. Wesley Carr, Dean of Westminster. The large turnout and the palpable sense of affection in the air was reminiscent of the 1997 funeral for Princess Diana. First Lady Laura Bush represented the United States at the ceremony, which also drew some 25 foreign royals as well as dignitaries from all over of the world. Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles’s companion, was also said to be in attendance because, according to NBC News reporters, the Queen Mum liked her and would have wanted her there. After the service in the Abbey, a cortege carried the coffin to Windsor Castle for a private burial. Prince Charles made that final trip with his grandmother.

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